Fall 2017 Playoffs Playoffs

All Divs


  1. Round 1 – Round Robin within Div
  2. Round 2 – Ranked 2v3, loser plays consolation game, top ranked team gets a bye to final.
  3. Round 3 – Finals

Proposed Schedule

Schedule is finalized by and posted to the stats page. Select the playoff schedule from the drop down

  • 5 minute warmup then 13-13-13 stop time
  • If there is more than 10 minutes left on the permit and the game is tied after the 3rd we will go to a sudden death OT running time period. Still leaving 5 minutes for possible shootout. For Example if there is 12 min left on a permit and the game is tied. Teams will play a 7 min running time sudden death OT period and if no winner is decided we will go to a shootout.
    1. Games go faster when teams are changing quickly and getting set up for face offs right away. Please be advised games with a lot of penalties and teams holding up the faceoffs may have the 3rd period go to run time to stay within the permit time.
    2. There are no ties in the playoffs so games need to end 5 min early to account for a shootout, Games will need to go to running time so they end with 5min left. The scorekeeper will make the call with 10-15minutes left on permit.
    3. Penalties change to 3/6 from 2/4 for minor/double minors in running time.
    4. Shootouts start with 3 players a side. All skaters must have a shot before cycling through again. Players must skate to the opposite side of the ice once they have completed their shot

    Registration and Eligibility

    1. Rosters were due January 4,2018 (email sent to captains) For players who have not reached the 6 game minimum and have not sought league approval will not be permitted to play in the playoffs.
    2. Players without waivers submitted will not be permitted to play in the playoffs.
    3. All players must produce Photo ID prior to the game starting.
    4. Part time players can play up to 10 games including playoffs.
    5. Teams caught playing with ineligible players will forfeit the game.
    6. Teams with goalies who also play as players can use them as players but must choose a goalie/player from the league or Gjinno, Ryan, John, or Richard as a substitute.

    Scoring & Tie Breakers

    The goal is to create an environment where skill is more important than physical play.

    1. A team will be awarded 2 points for winning a game, 1 point for an OT/shootout loss and 0 points for a regulation loss for all
      playoff games
    2. Ties after completion of a round robin play will be broken in the following order:
      • least penalized team. (+/- 4 minutes).
      • Head to Head stats.
      • goals for minus goals against.
      • Most wins in regulation.
      • Decision by League Officials.

    Boarding and Body checking

    Boarding and body checking are called as a double minor. If the referee feels there was intent or that bringing the offending player back into the game will cause more issues a Game Misconduct will be given. This is to ensure there will be no retaliatory actions.


    Minimum Double Minor, or Major PLUS a Game Misconduct will be assessed for any penalty which causes blood or an injury to player that doesn’t return to the game.

    Constant Verbal Disputes and Chronic Complaining

    1. One warning shall be given for verbal disputes. For players, referees may give one warning then they are required to give a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. If it continues a Misconduct will be given and finally if it still persists a Game Misconduct will be assessed. It shall be assessed whenever a player:
      • Openly disputes or argues about any decision by an official (On-ice or league supervisor)
      • Uses obscene or vulgar language in a boisterous manner to anyone at anytime, even if it is not directed at any particular person.
      • Visually and aggressively demonstrates a sign of dissatisfaction with a decision by an official. examples: slamming gates, throwing sticks, smashing sticks , punch (gloved or not) of glass or bench.

    Verbal Abuse

    1. Any Player who engages in verbal or non-verbal taunts, insults or intimidation based on discriminatory grounds (i.e. race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, language) shall be assessed a Gross Misconduct and automatic suspension which will be reviewed by league official